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If you’re inspired by Steve Vaught’s amazing trek across America (he’s lost over 9 stone and walked over 2,300 miles so far) join WLR’s Walk The Weight Off Challenge. Don’t panic, we’re not suggesting you should take a monster hike like Steve’s but you could try a few shorter walking routes or simply build more walking into your day.


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Childhood Obesity

Children’s eating habits have rarely been out of the headlines recently. WLR’s dietitian, Juliette Kellow looks at the size of the child obesity problem and gives practical advice and guidelines for parents.

Taste Test – Low Calorie Choc Snacks

If you’re craving chocolate (after all it is Easter soon) here’s the heads up on what tastes best from Jon and the Team.

Diet Bytes

This month, Juliette’s news roundup includes new findings on the benefits of exercise; how eating a certain combination of foods can help reduce cholesterol; how we’re ditching the TV Dinners; the Food Standards Agency’s new Traffic Light system is finally agreed; how weight can affect pain tolerance; advice on how to handle chocolate at Easter and news of a new low calorie Apple.

The Why and How of Success

A row with her husband gave Joy the motivation to lose some weight, get fitter and feel good about herself, whilst Rosie wanted to look her best as Matron of Honour at her best friend’s wedding.

Alcohol Survey Results

Our Survey results show that most people want more information about what they’re drinking …see the full results.

Su Doku

A new number crunching exercise from Jon.

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