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Can it be true that eating only one big meal late at night is the answer to weight loss success? Our guest dietitian, Lyndel Costain investigates the new diet controversy: Blowout. Meanwhile, Juliette has some great ideas for enjoying the summer hols without making major dents in your diet and fitness routines.


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Top Tips for Weight Control

Lyndel reviews research from Brown Medical School which shows that long term weight control is possible and surprisingly simple.

Men on Diets

John feels ‘us blokes’ don’t get enough attention when it comes to dealing with their excess baggage, so here’s 3 articles especially for the men – John's review of the new men’s health title HGV Man published by Haynes in the same style as their car maintenance manuals. I pitch in some helpful hints from men who’ve lost weight successfully, and Steve gives the details on how he did it.

Eat, Drink and Stay Slim this Summer

With so many opportunities to eat and drink during the summer, it’s unsurprising that sometimes souvenirs are not the only excess baggage we bring home. Here’s Juliette’s top 50 tips for a slimmer summer.

Online Running Club

Don’t be daunted by the idea of taking up running. Join in with the friendly and supportive WLR members in their newly formed Runners Club. If you’re ready to run try a 5k Challenge and support Help The Hospices.

What are you really Eating?

This book surprised me because it actually makes learning about food labelling quite fascinating! Amanda explains in clear, understandable English what all the different terms on a food label mean. Get clued up with this book so you can really know what’s in your food.

August Diet Bytes

The latest on Protein Power; Doctors on Diets; Every Pound Makes a Difference to Osteoarthritis; update on new supplement rules and Are Computers Making Teenagers Fat?

Amanda’s Candid Story

Amanda, tired of ‘starvation diets’ has used the tools at Weight Loss Resources to lose weight and feel positive and confident about herself.

A Day Out for Mind and Body

If you fancy joining Julie for a healthy day out in London read about her latest on the annual Nutrition and Health Show and all it has to offer.

WLR Su Doku

Jon gets into the latest puzzle craze for this month’s brain workout, try his su doku puzzle.


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