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There probably aren’t many of us who haven’t wished for a weight loss miracle at sometime or another. Lose a Stone in a Month is the promise made by Lighter Life – but is this a good way to shift those excess pounds? Read the results of our dietitian Juliette Kellow’s comprehensive investigation into the Lighter Life diet.


Hope you enjoy that feature and the rest of this month’s newsletter, best wishes, Pat.

March Diet Bytes

This month Juliette gives the lowdown on the (as yet unproven) Skinny Spuds You’ll Like, the inside track on new Diet Food Products, more Good News on Fruit and Veg, why the Pill’s not to Blame for Weight Gain, and how waist measurement affects the Risk of getting Gallstones.

Leader of the packs – Tried and Tasted

Walkers have made a big leap with their new lower saturated fat/lower salt crisps – but do they taste good? Jon and the taste team put the normal, healthy and lite versions of Walkers crisps to the taste test.

How they Did It

This month’s success stories come from Emma, who is getting married in May and has lost two and a half stone so far, she says:


“I want to get married to my lovely, understanding, and infinitely patient fiancé in May and be proud to be the centre of attention with him, to accept the compliments without negating them, to have my wedding pictures taken and to cherish the memories of a happy day - not look back on it with regrets.”


And Juliette, who has lost a stone and a half in order to be a happy and healthy role model for her children, says:


“I realised that all the time I am settling for a weight that makes me unhappy, clothing I dislike, etc is time I am wasting, or wasting a part of my life. I would be far happier to get to a weight I am comfortable with and maintain it”

Rimonabant Update

John takes a look at new data from two year trials of the appetite suppressant.

Mind Gym

Give the little grey cells a bit of exercise with Jon’s new Su Doku puzzle.

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