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With Christmas around the corner, site dietitan Juliette Kellow gives you her top tips to enjoy the festive period without worrying about piling on the pounds. From Christmas dinner to buffets and parties, nibbles and drinks, Juliette covers all eventualities.

A very happy Christmas to you all.



How Real is Fattism?

With a study undertaken by Personnel Today showing very real discrimination in the workplace towards overweight people, Weight Loss Resources launches its WLR Weight Discrimination Survey to investigate from ordinary people how far these attitudes towards obesity go in society. How real is Fattism? Please take a few minutes to give us your views and experience.

Amy12 and Emsylou

Mother and daughter share a special Christmas this year having shed over 7 and a half stone between them. Here they share their joint weight loss journey.

Christmas Recipes

HelpTeam member, Tracy shares some of her favourite Christmas recipes for all the family to enjoy without being worried about the fat content!

Diet Bytes

Juliette’s round up of news in December includes a look at the FSA’s latest proposals for a food labelling scheme; new research which indicates that the Atkins diet really does cause heart problems; the low-down on caffeine and high blood pressure; how much vegetables are we buying and actually eating and the supermarkets price promotions which tend to be for fatty and sugary foods.

Jon’s Jigsaw and Su Doku

Forget the stresses of planning for Christmas and enjoy a few quiet moments doing our WLR jigsaw and Su Doku.

Christmas Drinking

With changes in the UK Licensing Act, it’s now possible to drink in pubs, bars, clubs and shops around the clock. Site Dietitian, Juliette Kellow looks at alcohol in the diet and gives her healthy guidelines to enjoy a tipple without going overboard!

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