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New for this monthís issue of DFM, WLRís dietitian Juliette Kellow uncovers the diet and food stories that have hit the headlines in Diet Bytes, plus she gives her take on the Sudan 1 food scare. Also new this month is our 2005 Walk the Weight Off challenge, plus I get the chance to get on my soapbox about the food industry.


Hope itís stopped snowing where you are, best wishes, Pat


Diet Bytes
This month Juliette looks at how lack of sleep can affect your weight, carrots could reduce the risk of cancer, commuting could be making you fat and popular diets give the same results.


Lite Bytes
A quick look at whatís new in healthy and low cal food ranges.


Body Challenge
Step up for WLRís popular challenge thatíll help you lose pounds and get fitter. Walk the Weight Off 2005.


Brain Challenge
Jonís devised two (we think quite tricky) crosswords to test your health and general knowledge, try the Straight or the Cryptic.


Let Me Tell You About...
Rachel ,who is 5í2Ē and has lost 3 stone 10lbs to reach her goal weight of 8 stone 12. Iíve never seen the numbers stacked up next to the food before so that you can see that getting the tube to work, instead of walking, is the loss of a whole potential gin and tonic!


...And Deirdre
Who tried everything from Slimming World to Cabbage Soup and has reached her goal with WLR. ĎI like the fact that I can eat almost anything as long as I remember to put it in the diaryí.


Whatís for Dinner?
All this Sudan 1 mullarky got me thinking about how much we really know about whatís in what we eat Ė hereís why I chucked a load of stuff in the bin.


New Book for IBS
Healthy Eating for IBS offers practical advice and over 100 recipes for people affected by IBS.

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