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Our calorie counter shows how many calories in popular snacks…
Food Serving Kcal
  Nuts, Brazilian 12 Whole / 40g 275  
Crisps, Chargrilled Steak, MAX, Walkers 1 Bag / 50g 263
  Popcorn, Toffee, Blockbuster ˝ Bag / 50g 220  
Doritos, Extreme Chilli Heatwave, Doritos 1 Bag / 40g 200
  Crisps, Lime & Thai Spices, Sensations, Walkers 40g 200  
Popcorn, Salted, Blockbuster ˝ Bag / 50g 198
  Crisps, Vintage Cheddar & Red Onion Chutney, Sensations, Walkers 40g 198  
Crisps, Salt & Shake, Walkers 1 Bag / 30g 162
  Nuts, Salted Roasted, Luxury, KP 25g 161  
Nuts, Pistachio 25g 152
  Nuts & Raisins, Mixed, KP 25g 136  
Crisps, Ready Salted, Walkers 1 Bag / 25g 133
  Crisps, Cheese & Onion, Cheese Heads, Walkers 1 Bag / 27g 128  
Frazzles, Bacon, Walkers 1 Bag / 25g 121
  Crisps, Sour Cream & Chive, Lights, Walkers 1 Bag / 24g 114  
Monster Munch, Pickled Onion, Walkers 1 Bag / 22g 109
  Crisps, Roast Chicken, Potato Heads, Walkers 1 Bag / 23g 107  
Crisps, Naked, Potato Heads, Walkers 1 Bag / 23g 106
  Quavers, Cheese, Walkers 1 Bag / 20g 101  
Crisps, Salt & Vinegar, Baked, Walkers 1 Bag / 25g 98
  Wotsits, Cheesy, Walkers 1 Bag / 19g 95  
French Fries, Worcester Sauce, Walkers 1 Bag / 22g 94
  Wotsits, Prawn Cocktail, Walkers 1 Bag / 19g 93  
Squares, Salt & Vinegar, Walkers 1 Bag / 25g 92


The above calorie information has been taken from Weight Loss Resources.


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