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Ainsley Harriott's Low Fat Meals in Minutes

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255 x 197mm

192 pages

One of the only 'celebrity chefs' to really get into recipes for those who want to lose weight. 

Ainsley Harriott's Low Fat Meals in Minutes

Ainsley Harriott

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"I want this book to be all about enjoying food, reducing fat but still offering quick, tasty and substantial meals that are a pleasure to eat, not a punishment."

Ainsley Harriott


Dining in or out has never been so much fun, but with all that lovely food around it's very easy to over-indulge. Sooner or later your clothes start to feel a little tight and the pounds start to pile on.

Depressing, frustrating   but we still have to eat. In Low Fat Meals in Minutes Ainsley Harriott has put together a creative and satisfying collection of 80 of his favourite dishes, all adapted to be low in fat. They're quick to prepare, delicious to eat and won't make you feel as though you're making any sacrifices.

Ainsley's tasty snacks and starters include a mouth-watering Thai Lemon Grass, Chicken and Mushroom Broth, as well as sensational dishes such as Baked Prawn adn Chilli Ginger Cakes. For the main course, what about trying his Grilled Cajun Steak with Charred Tomato Salad or Tomato, Feta and Basil Pizza? And just because you're watching what you eat doesn't mean you have to miss out on dessert. Ainsley's Trim Tiramisu is sure to tickle those taste buds.

To make things even easier there's a picture of every dish for you to see exactly how it should look, so there really are no excuses. Go on, get cooking and with the help of Low-fat Meals in Minutes you'll soon be looking leaner, feeling fitter and still enjoying your food to the full.


  • Fat Facts
  • Soups, Starters and Snacks
  • Fresh and Tasty Fish
  • Lean and Luscious Chicken
  • Quick Meaty Mains
  • Light and Easy Vegetarian
  • Salads and Accompaniments
  • Not-so-naughty Puddings

Ainsley Harriott

One of the nation's all-time favourite television chefs, Ainsley Harriott has become a familiar face on our screens and in addition to being the regular presenter of the hugely popular Ready, Steady Cook, has several highly acclaimed television series to his name. He has also sold over a million copies of his cookery books, which include Ainsley's Barbecue Bible, Meals in Minutes, Big Cook Out and Gourmet Express (1 and 2). 




1 calorie (kcal) is the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of 1kg of water by 1C

An average (sedentary) woman needs 1940 calories per day to maintain a healthy weight

An average (sedentary) man needs around 2400 calories per day to maintain a healthy weight

Your current weight, age, gender and how active you are all affect how many calories you need to maintain a healthy weight

Tall people need more calories than short people!

To lose 1lb a week, you need to eat 500 calories less than you use each day

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